The company

Who are we

IpsaBIM is a reference BIM consulting company for infrastructure, architecture and installation projects


Starting 2020

IpsaBIM appears in 2020 as a consultancy firm specialized in BIM as part of the Ipsateq Consult group, but we are present in the engineering and consulting sector since 2012.


Global facilitation of BIM services for international construction companies.


Multidisciplinary (infrastructure, architecture and installations) and multilingual team contributing to offer precise BIM solution.


With offices in Bucharest and Madrid, we offer services to international companies (mainly from Spain and Romania) as well as to countries in Eastern Europe (Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova).


Our clients come from the field engineering, construction, EPC or public clients, we adapt to the required needs.


Our profile is mainly focused on the international, our daily activity is carried out at the location of the client.